Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A special poem to my Sweet mother who takes a special place in my heart.First poem which I wrote when poetry became a part of my life.

Having you to be my mother
you are ke a piece of heaven for me
your kind heart that pumps out care for us
is the best thing that can ever be.

How this day brings joy to us
this day,gets bright like sunshine
you being born to be my Mother
is something one in millin,you are fine.

Everytime that I feel lost
you are a guide,leading my way.
God is always telling me
you are always there to make my day.

I have not always listened to your words
but there are things I have set in my mind
promising that I will be what you want
because to see you smile,is one of a kind.

Your beautiful soul reaching to my heart
we walk in hands like friends
to get someone like you I am blessed
Mom,my love for you will never end........